Kikwetu Sampler with Yeti Gift Boxes & Tins Kikwetu Kenya Coffee Company

Kikwetu Sampler with Yeti

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Give yourself or someone that you care about something to remember.  A Stylish Kikwetu Yeti Mug and 3 selections of our best coffees - freshly and perfectly roasted 

Sample and enjoy all three of Kikwetu's specialty grade coffees with this order.  All three coffees have a unique story and a wonderful taste profile that will take you on an amazing journey.  

Boma is roasted medium dark and has bright acidity, well balanced body with slight chocolate and vanilla notes.  This coffee works splendidly as a dark roast and for espresso.

Kibano is a medum roasted coffee with Strawberry and lemon, fruity acidity with a distant hint of chocolate.  This one is indeed a special one - processed using the natural processing technique to deliver an amazing taste profile.  

Gakurari is also a medium roasted specialty coffee that is bold and rich with notes of Blackcurrant, Cherries and a hint of honey.