Who We Are

Kikwetu Kenya Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roaster based in Chicago. We leverage direct and personal relationships with farmers in Kenya to obtain the highest quality Kenya coffee beans. Our seasoned roasters ensure perfection by roasting the beans in carefully controlled small batches. Our customers can expect the freshest coffee because we roast on demand and get it in the hands of the customer as quickly as possible. 

Our name can be tied to two Swahili words. The root word, Kwetu,  translates to 'our home,' 'our place' or 'where we live.' Kikwetu translates to  'our language,' 'our style,' 'how we live.' These two words, and all their nuanced meanings, were carefully chosen to represent our coffee and our company's ethos.

This is the core of Kikwetu: to connect the world to the very best of what Kenya has to offer.  Kikwetu Kenya Coffee Company, a taste of Kenya