Our Coffee Farmers

The coffee industry is critical to the Kenyan economy, representing the fifth largest segment. Formerly a government-controlled crop,  coffee farmers in Kenya now have the opportunity to develop their specialty coffees and receive a competitive market rate. Many farms in Kenya yield small amounts of coffee. So small, in fact, independent production is not a viable option for many producers. In order to bring their coffee to market, many farmers will band together and process their coffee at shared facilities. Some with go as far as to establish cooperative societies. Kikwetu's coffee comes from one such cooperative. 

Our coffee comes to us from the the Barichu Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society.  The Barichu Coop was formed in 1996 to better serve the farmers in Nyeri region of Kenya. The coop now boasts more than 4500 members. These members bring their coffee cherries to be process at one of four factories, known as wet mills. These four wet mills, Karindundu, Gatomboya, Karatina and Gaturiri, are located in the province of Karatina in the southeastern stretches of Nyeri, along the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya. 

Our coffee comes from the Karatina wet mill, which is prized throughout the coffee industry as being one of the most consistent providers of beautiful, clean coffees that are processed with the utmost care.

Kikwetu is proud to have established direct relationships with coffee farmers in Kenya. It is our privilege to bring the fruits of their labor to market in the United States.