About us.

One of the most important things an immigrant can do is to build bridges and connections. Kikwetu Coffee Company is our quest to do just this! We are on a journey to build a bridge between Kenya, where we were born and raised and Chicago, where we have made our lives.

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Connections powered by Excellence

We started with a simple vision: to enable people of all walks of life to slow down, connect with each other over a high quality cup of coffee. This is what still powers us today.

Exceptional quality makes us slow, down from our daily race, it makes us stop, savor and pay attention.

Building, Fostering, enabling and uncovering human connections is the foundation for a just and sustainable planet. This belief is what powers us.

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Martha Itulya-Omollo

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Leecox Omollo

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Prof. Itulya

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Janet Omollo

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Head - Sustainability & Sourcing

Phyllis Nganga

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Director - Marketing & Event Operations

Maila Solares

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Director - Kitchen Operations

Latoya Merriweather

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